Accent Lighting Packages

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Accent Lighting Packages

LED Uplight Wash Packages

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Our Accent Lighting Packages provide a combination of both a dramatic color wash and accented features and centerpieces using pinspots.  The package includes our LED Uplighting Wash Flat Par units, and a Pinspot Lighting Tree, which gives you 4 bright, tight beamed pinspots mounted on an adjustable lighting tree, and an easy to use LED controller.  Great for corporate events for showcasing products, and weddings and special occasions.

Our LED Uplight Wash Packages are perfect for providing dramatic or subtle color washes to rooms and features and are perfect for corporate events, weddings, and private parties.  Choose the number of fixtures required based on your room size.  We recommend at least 1 uplight fixture every 10ft, with more for needed (as many as 1 every 6ft) for rooms with higher ceilings or where you're using deeper colors or want more saturated colors.  Wash lighting should be used in combination with other lighting, such as dimmed in-house lights, or leko light trees for pattern effects or pinspot trees.

Each LED Uplight Flat PAR, contains 9 RGBW LEDs of 8 watts. Suitable for lighting small scenes, dance floors with low ceilings, medium-sized rooms and home entertainment.  The double suspension bracket allows the fixture to be used in a floor installation or hung using clamps.

Our Pinspot Lighting Tree Package is the answer for highlighting your latest product, show off floral centerpieces, cakes, or simply provide ambient table lighting... anything you want to make stand out or give a lighting 'pop' to!  Each tree has 4 bright incandescent pinspots for the color warmth you love that just can't be matched with LED fixtures. The pinspots are mounted on a professional, adjustable lighting stand that can go from 5' to 9' high and has a heavy weight steel base to prevent tipping.

Powerful 4-in-1 Led (RGBW) Uplight Wash fixtures 
Pre-programmed colors and full color mixing from the LED controller 
Low power requirements
Lighting Tree with 4 Pinspots
Heavy duty base with adjustable 5' to 9' stand
Pinspots have a wide range of adjustment for easy positioning

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